Online Application to be in full compliance with French loi Macron

SoTruck specializes in the posting of workers in France in the Transport Industry

posting of workers in France

Posting of workers in France in the Transport Industry

All your formalities concerning Macron Law stored in one place

All your documentary obligations

In just a few clicks, get your representation contract and add your prior declarations of secondment (or posting)

declarations of secondment (or posting) SIPSI
French Macron Law

Be safe!

The application is designed to ensure total compliance with the French Macron Law. It covers all the obligations and documents required by this law. On top of this, you will also receive all the information and updates concerning secondment (posting) of employees.

In the event of a check by French Police, Gendarmerie or work inspection, the SoTruck experts represent you and assist you in dealing with French Authorities. You’re no longer alone, a dedicated team of experts assists you in management of your employees.

SIPSI Internet Portal

As of January 1st 2017, French administration requires that all companies established outside of France, who have posted employees in France, to create an account on the official French Labor Ministry website, SIPSI, and to fill in an online declaration of posting for each posted employee. As a representative, SoTruck allows to add the declaration receipt directly in the employee’s profile, therefore storing in a single account, all of the mandatory documents to be shown in case of inspection by French authorities.

This is why SoTruck provides a notice to assist you in creating your account on the SISPI website (currently available only in English/French). Our support department is at your disposal to help you though the different steps relative to this web portal.

Posting of workers in France in the Transport Industry
Posting of workers in France in the Transport Industry

All your documents are stored for 18 months.

The Loi Macron stipulates that documents must be available to French Authorities during 18 months starting from the end of posting. SoTruck complies with this regulatory aspect and stores all of your documents during this period. All documents input into our application are stored on a secure dedicated server on our premises in France.

An offer that fits your budget and needs

All our plans are invoiced on a six-month basis

Price simulation

Additional invoicing in case of tax audit and assistance (see our General Terms and Conditions)

creditcard A Representation contract

As required by the Macron Law, all foreign transport companies established outside of France who post drivers on the French territory are obligated to appoint a representative established in France, in charge of liaising with French authorities and the foreign Transport company.

creditcard Documents to be kept in the truck

The representation designation, the preliminary declaration of secondment, the employee’s work contract, all the documents to be kept in the driver’s truck are available through the application.

creditcard Work contract, pay slip

The application allows you to create an employee profile for each driver posted in France. On the driver’s profile page, you can upload his work contract, his pay slips, proof of payment of salary, his prior declaration of secondment… ( all these documents may be requested by work inspection).

creditcard Updates and news concerning social secondment regulation

As a user of SoTruck, you will systematically be updated on the evolutions and obligations concerning the “loi Macron”.

creditcard Customized support in case of check or inspection

SoTruck provides you with a team of experts who speak your native languate to handle all information and inspection requests. SoTruck acts as the link between local authorities and your company.

creditcard We speak your language

SoTruck is managed by an international taxation firm specialized in social law and present in 24 countries worldwide. Whether you are Polish, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Portugese, Spanish, Italian, Belgian, or German, you can talk to a SoTruck collaborator in your native language.

Available on mobile phone or tablet

Thanks to responsive web technology, you can access your documents on your mobile phone or tablet. The application is available anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.


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